Ed Sheeran – Amazing Lyrics

Amazing Lyrics Start of the Lyrics I caught a sickness and they don’t know the name of itI flew to Paris trying to get awayMm, I drown my sadness, embarrassed by the shame of itBut all it seems to do is magnify the painI wish I was a strong boy, head in the sandIf I …

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SUICIDAL-IDOL – ​ecstacy Lyrics

​ecstacy Lyrics Start of the Lyrics [Chorus]I just wanna be your sweetheart (Buhguul)Fucking come here, give me your heartJust you and me to infinityI can’t fucking breathe, too much ecstasy [Verse 1]Kiss me on the lips, choke me on the floorDrag me around push me right against your doorI’m your little doll, come and play …

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Taylor Swift – Mastermind Lyrics

Mastermind Lyrics Start of the Lyrics [Verse 1]Once upon a time, the planets and the fatesAnd all the stars alignedYou and I ended up in the same roomAt the same time [Pre-Chorus]And the touch of a hand lit the fuseOf a chain reaction of countermovesTo assess the equation of youCheckmate, I couldn’t lose [Chorus]What if …

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Drake – Gently Lyrics

Gently Lyrics Start of the Lyrics [Intro: Drake]YeahMy G, Tití came VIP with a bañoBaby, my wrist is from CasablancoMe gusta su sonrisa aunque me haga dañoI live like Sopranos, ItalianosI’ve been El Chico for cincuenta añosMe gusta su culazo perreandoLe da hasta abajo, le gusta este tamañoDale, Papi Champaño, jeezAh, eh, eh, eh, eh, …

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Olamide – Gaza Lyrics

Gaza Lyrics Start of the Lyrics [Pre-Chorus]Man a straight from the jungleSo man gast steady dey para ohSmoking like a fat a joint wey dem mole for shaba ohAnd I no send nobody, I’m from the zanga ohCome see wahala ohDem say we dey Gaza oh [Chorus]Gaza (Gaza)We dey Gaza oh (Gaza)Gaza (Gaza)We go Gaza …

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आ लबों से लिरिक्स | Aa Labon Se Lyrics – Crazy 4 Dance

Aa Labon Se Lyrics Details गाना शुरू आ लबों से तेरे लबों पे मोहब्बत लिख दूँतू जरुरत है मेरी आ जरुरत लिख दूँआ लबों से तेरे लबों पे मोहब्बत लिख दूँतू जरुरत है मेरी आ जरुरत लिख दूँ दरमियाँ ना हो दिवानेरोज़ मुलाकात होएक दूजे से मुखातिबहम अब दिन रात हो तू है वो जो मांगी थी दुआतेरा हुआ हां मैं तेरा हुआतेरा हुआ हां मैं तेरा हुआउम्र भर के लिए मैं तेरा हुआतेरा हुआ हां मैं तेरा हुआ म्यूजिक… तेरे नाम से जुड़ा हुआअब मेरा नाम होतेरी बाहों में मेरी सुबहऔर मेरी शाम हो हम सफर तुझे बनाकेसाथ चलूँ हर डगरहै तेरे प्यार काकुछ ऐसा असर हम सफर तुझे बनाकेसाथ चलूँ हर डगरहै तेरे प्यार काकुछ ऐसा असर

Peso Pluma & Grupo Frontera – TULUM Lyrics

TULUM Lyrics Start of the Lyrics [Letra de “TULUM”] [Intro: Payo Solís]Compa Peso, hay algo que le quiero decir a esa morra que está ahí [Verso 1: Payo Solís, Peso Pluma]Tú eres un diez, pero sigues con ese tipoQue no te llega ni a los pies, y ni parece tu tipoMuchas fotos de vacaciones por …

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